Rugby at "AUC"

Wolves: (Men)

"The Bawar Family” story

Three years ago, Adham Salloum and Ammar succeeded in convincing AUC's sports department to establish an AUC rugby team. With the support of Cairo (Maadi) rugby, AUC ‘s amateur players were provided with a rugby ball, a field to play on, and sufficient training. AUC’s team started practicing and Cairo Rugby succeeded in planting the secrets of the game in AUC’s team members. Professor Peter Barsoum, Rhetoric and Writing professor, took charge of coaching the team ever since it was formed
In AUC’s new campus, the sports department assigned the secondary field for the rugby team and reserved the primary field for the football team. AUC's rugby team then proceeded with setting their posts on the newly allotted field.

“The boys’ team still expects better support from AUC”.

Wolverine (Women):

-According to the article titled “Girls rugby team participates in tournament without support” by Ragia Mostafa in Caravan (volume 90, Issue 18):

“The university sports department refuses to sponsor the girls’ rugby team”.

However, the girls' rugby team are fighting for acknowledgemnt; they have their practice and match times identical to that of the Wolves.
“The rising girls’ team hopes for acknowledgement”.

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