History of Rugby in Egypt

The below information is acquired from an online article written by Tom Trewinard, discussing the history and development of Rugby in Egypt. The infromation is paraphrased; below, kindly find the link for the full article.

Many people still have not heard of Rugby, whether here in Egypt or in general, however Rugby has taken its initiative more than twenty years ago here is Egypt. In 1980 a group of expats founded Rugby here in Egypt, created a league and began to play with each other. Years later, the Alexandria Rugby Club took over and got in on the action in 2003 followed by the American University in Cairo students who joined the activity by building their own team by themselves in 2007. The three teams now compete against each other regularly and often travel abroad to participate in international competitions. Moreover, a few of the AUC Rugby team players are actually players on the Cairo Rugby team as well.

It does not stop there, because at AUC the a group of undergrad. girls got encouraged to do the same and have in fact succeeded in initiating a female ruby team. However, the AUC Sports Departmenet has not yet approved of their legitimacy. Yet this did not stop them, and the girls travelled to participate in the North African Rugby Sevens competition in Ghana last June.

According to Tom Trewinnard, "[t]his crop of talented and enthusiastic young players, combined with improved organization and administration following the establishment of the Egyptian Rugby Football Union last year, means the future is bright for rugby in Egypt". Team manager and senior player of Alexandria RFC, Shady Ahmed, adds, "[i]n 5 or 10 years, who knows how far we can take it? I dream of seeing an Egyptian team at the World Cup one day".

Source: http://bikyamasr.com/?p=4285

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